Local Representatives

City Mayor
Lucy Vinis

City Councilors within the SCCO boundaries (Find your ward and ward map)

  • Mike Clark – Ward 5, Santa Clara east of River Road and north of Beltline less a small portion near Fred Meyer*
  • Lyndsie Leech – Ward 7, Santa Clara west side of River Road plus a small portion east of River Road near Fred Meyer*

*The area south of Hunsaker has two councilors.  The blue is Ward 5 and the purple is Ward 7.  The yellow is not in the city limits as of 2020.

Zoom graphic of wards south of Hunsaker and east of River Road

The area south of Hunsaker is serviced by two different councilors and the yellow area is not in the city limits. Click on the image to verify which ward you live in or if you are not in the city.

Ryan Ceniga– West Lane District 1

Senate – District 7 James Manning, Jr
House – District 14 Julie Fahay

House – District 4 Val Hoyle
Senate – Ron Wyden
Senate – Jeff Merkely