Building a Better Transportation Future Together

A well-planned transportation system supports a thriving community. The City of Eugene and Lane Transit District encourage input from March 10 to April 11 on transportation investment packages for five of our major streets: River Road, Highway 99, Coburg Road, MLK, Jr. Blvd., and 30th Avenue to Lane Community College. Participate in an online open house or drop by our event on March 18:

Visit the online open house from March 11 to April 10 at
Community-Wide Open House
Monday, March 18, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Baker Center, 975 High St., Eugene
Whether in-person or online, your participation will enter you in a drawing to win a $25 Amazon gift card!
The community-wide open house will have free children’s activities and refreshments! Interpretation in Spanish will be available. Interpretación en español estará disponible. Accessibility arrangements, interpreter, translation, and/or child-care services can be made for all MovingAhead events with 48 hours notice. For more information, call 541-682-6100 (voice) or 7-1-1 (TTY).
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Upcoming Lane County Plastics Roundup Pre-collection Notice.

Hi Neighbors, I’m signed up as a Santa Clara area Community Collector for the Plastics Roundup happening on April 7th. You can bring your clean, de-labeled, sorted plastics to me ANYTIME between now and April 3rd. You will need to make an appointment with me to curate your materials (so you can bring home and discard anything that won’t be accepted). Plus, I’ll educate you about the process (and encourage you to educate others). It’ll be fun and informative, I promise. My number is 541-689-8897. Please leave a voicemail and I’ll get right back to you. Or, you can email me at

For information direct from Lane County: Visit
or email:

Here are the rules:

Lane County will ONLY accept #2, #4 and #5 tubs, jugs, bottles, lids and beverage handles that are CLEAN and free of debris (adhesive labels must be removed). Materials must be sorted into the following five material categories: 
#2 bottles & jugs; 
#2 tubs & lids; 
#2 beverage handles; 
#4 bottles, tubs & lids; 
#5 bottles, tubs & lids. 

Dirty plastic, plastics other than #2, #4 and #5, and items that aren’t stamped with a resin identification code will not be accepted. Glued on labels must be removed. See the FAQ document for tips on removing labels.

Tim Foelker
Professional Techworks, LLC

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On the behalf of the Santa Clara Community Organization, I would like to welcome you to our community, situated on the banks of the beautiful Willamette River.  Here you will find the charm of meandering creeks, heritage trees, small organic farms, a wide variety of bird life, Continue reading

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Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan Review April 7 & 10

Please attend one of two meetings in April to find out if the River Road – Santa Clara planning process reflects your views. The plans are exciting and full of vision. This is your chance to see if the vision meshes with your ideas.

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Composting workshop – March 23, 10 am

 Free Compost Workshop on Saturday, March 23, 10 AM

The Santa Clara Community Garden (SCCG) will host the following soil building workshops. SCCG is located behind St. Matthews Church at 4110 River Road, about 1-1/2 mile north of Beltline. These composting workshops are free and do not require preregistration. All sessions run for an hour or two.

2019 Compost Workshop Schedule

March 23 – OSU Hot Compost demonstration, review of Cover Crops
May 11 – OSU Compost Specialist demonstration
June 1 – Build a compost
October 19 – OSU Compost Specialist demo and cover crops
November 16 – SCCG Compost Demo

Workshops will include discussion of various composting methods, including: hot compost, cold compost, lasagna, cover crops, and soil building with worms.

Garden plots (12’x20’) are available to rent immediately in the Santa Clara Community Garden for $60 per year. This includes water, leaves for mulching, and access to compost. People who want to build up and improve the soil in a garden plot using composting techniques may attend compost workshop(s) and rent a plot right away. Contact Peter at 541-321-0798 for more information.


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Beltline-Delta Interchange Video

There was an excellent presentation tonight at the monthly SCCO meeting regarding the Beltline/Delta and Beltline/River Road Projects. Construction of the improved Beltline/Delta interchange is scheduled to start in 2020. Here is a video of what the Beltline/Delta interchange should look like when finished.

Because of the huge interest in the River Road portion of Beltline improvements, the majority of the presentation was focused on Beltline Highlway from Delta to River Road.

• Beltline Highway between Delta Highway and River Road is one of the most congested places in the Eugene/Springfield area.
• The roadway within the project area has four through travel lanes carrying between 55,000 and 90,000 cars and trucks each day. The roadway was not designed to carry this volume of traffic, resulting in congestion, especially at peak periods.
• This congestion, along with short merge and diverge areas, contributes to a higher frequency of crashes than other similar facilities in the state. As north and west Eugene and surrounding areas continue to develop, traffic congestion is expected to get worse.

We encourage you to review the presentation regarding Beltline improvements from Delta to River Road. The improvements include a new bridge just north of Beltline that connects Greenacres road to Division street. Another proposal is to build an overpass over Beltline that connects River Avenue to Beaver Street. Click here to go to the presentation.

Yellow line is proposed new bridge to connect Greenacres Road to Divisions and Beaver Street.

You can learn more about the project and sign up for newsletters from ODOT regarding the Beltline/River Road project on the ODOT website here.

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SCCO Meeting Agenda – Thursday, March 7 – 7PM

Call to order
Approval of minutes

•  Presentation/discussion:  Update — Beltline  Improvements

•  Announcements:

  • Reports:
    • Update: Neighborhood Plan Community Advisory Committee
    • Update: Santa Clara Community Garden
    • Land Use applications
    • Other
  • Old Business:
    • Planning for Awbrey Park Wildflower Walk and Community Festival
    • Adoption of a Diversity Statement for Santa Clara
  • New Business:
    • Approval of fees for the domain name for the SC website ($105.85 for 5 years)
    • Remembering Irene Ferguson
  • Other matters
    • Specifics for keeping track of volunteer hours
    • Other

•  Adjourn

The SCCO meeting will be held Thursday, March 7 at 7PM at the Messiah Lutheran Church, 3280 River Road

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School Design Workshops – North Eugene High School

Help shape the future design of 4J’s new schools

Thanks to voters’ approval of the school bond measure in November 2018, three of 4J’s aging school buildings will be replaced in the next few years: North Eugene High School, Camas Ridge Elementary School and Edison Elementary School.

Design work for the new schools will begin soon. In March and April, families, staff, neighbors and other community members are invited to join in a series of community workshops to help shape the design of 4J’s new schools. Childcare, food and Spanish interpretation will be provided.

North Eugene High School will be the site of 2 of 6 upcoming workshops. The first is Thursday March 7. The second workshop at North Eugene will be on April 16. Both workshops start at 5:30 PM.

For more information regarding the future design workshops go to the 4J website.

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