On the behalf of the Santa Clara Community Organization, I would like to welcome you to our community, situated on the banks of the beautiful Willamette River.  Here you will find the charm of meandering creeks, heritage trees, small organic farms, a wide variety of bird life, Continue reading

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LTD Seeks Community Input for New Santa Clara Transit Station

LTD is unveiling their preferred option and background information for their new transit station at the former Santa Clara Elementary School site, Hunsaker and River Road. In order to hear neighborhood feedback, SCCO is hosting them at our December meeting:
THURSDAY DECEMBER 6th 7:00-9:00pm at Messiah Lutheran Church, 3280 River Rd.
or you can attend their neighborhood/applicant meeting on
TUESDAY DECEMBER 11th 5:30-7:00 pm at Dayspring Fellowship 1580 River Rd
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Study on the East Santa Clara Waterway

The City of Eugene and Lane County have partnered for a study of a 3/4-mile segment of the East Santa Clara Waterway. The waterway has historically been a route for surface water to travel from the surrounding area northward to the Willamette River. Over time, with land development in the surrounding area and various activities within the channel itself, the amount of surface water flowing through the waterway has increased while at the same time the capacity of the channel to move it has decreased. This has created complications for some residents and warrants a closer look to ensure public health and safety while making sure we continue to return clean water back to the river.
The project team has done some initial research on the waterway and surrounding area, and would now like to hear from those living along this stretch of waterway. The team is hoping to achieve a good understanding from neighbors about conditions and identify any ideas about solutions to problems along the waterway.
The project team has created a presentation at bit.ly/esantaclarawater to share with you –what they see as the challenges and opportunities along this stretch of waterway. There is also a short survey at the end of the web page where people can share their observations and ideas.
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Lane County seeks “Community Collectors” of #2, #4, #5 plastics

Lane County staff and Master Recycler volunteers teamed up on September 30 with Denton Plastics to collect #2, #4, #5 plastics. In four hours, the event collected 2.76 tons of plastic, delivered by 963 customer vehicles.

Lane County would like to hold another event, but we want to explore another format.

To cut down on vehicle miles traveled, staff costs, site constraints, we’re gauging interest to see if community members/organizations/businesses/ neighborhood groups would be interested in collecting plastic resin codes #2, #4 and #5? All plastic material collected from larger “collectors” would then be transported to Lane County by appointment only.

Are you or is your Santa Clara organization interested in being a larger collector?

Format Details

  • Lane County is seeking interested parties to act as community collectors to provide drop off opportunities. This would be ideal for churches, schools, neighborhood groups, businesses who want to serve their community and customers with a material that has gotten a lot of attention as of late due to the changes in commingle, curbside recycling;
  • You would have the choice between collecting for your own group or opening it up to the public – your address and hours would be posted on our website;
  • Community Collectors (if public) would promote and keep regular collection times–at a minimum, once per week.
  • You would be expected have staff or volunteers available during all posted times to accept materials- or more accurately, to review and reject improper materials;
  • Promote and insist on the basic instructions: All items must be clean, must have resin code stamp of #2, #4, #5  and must have labels removed;
  • Lane County will collect materials from collectors by appointment.  We anticipate this would occur the first week in April;
  • Depending on space and storage constraints, collector appointments and systems will be individualized;
  • Lane County would be available to assist with bags and other resource development and volunteer training.

If interested in being a Collector, please contact Angie R. Marzano, Waste Reduction Specialist, at Angie.MARZANO@co.lane.or.us and indicate the following:

  1. Can we publish your collection address/business name for residents to bring their plastics? Or do you wish your collection to be internal/private only?
  2. What resources would you need (e.g., signage, durable sacks for collection (size), instructions, training sessions, etc.)?
  3. Would you require additional volunteers?  Can you commit to having it staffed during all collection hours to ensure materials are clean and prepared properly?
  4. Do you know of anyone that would be interested in this type of collection scenario that we could contact or that would like to be added to correspondence?

Thank you for your interest in helping Lane County recover marketable, source-separated plastics!

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Luper Cemetery open Veterans Day Weekend

October 28, 2018

SUBJECT: Luper Pioneer Cemetery Open Veterans Day Weekend
CONTACT: Peter Thurston, President, Luper Cemetery Inc. 541-321-0798

On Saturday, November 10, Sunday, November 11, and Monday, November 12, 2018, the main vehicle gate for Luper Pioneer Cemetery on West Beacon Drive will be open from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm for the public to visit Luper Cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries in the southern Willamette Valley. Luper Cemetery (also known as Irving or Baker Cemetery) was founded in the mid-1800s. Eighteen of the people buried at Luper Cemetery arrived in 1853, by way of the Oregon Trail and the Free Emigrant Road across central Oregon. Over 160 people are buried at Luper Cemetery.

Luper Cemetery, Inc. is a non-profit organization that has been working since 2009 with neighbors, public agencies, and other non-profit organizations to restore the cemetery and share its pioneer heritage with the public. Luper Cemetery, Inc. is recipient of several awards and grants for restoration of the pioneer historic site.

The cemetery may be accessed every day from dawn to dusk by walking the half-mile gravel road from the West Beacon Drive entrance to the cemetery. The main vehicle gate is opened on special occasions, including Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

Please visit www.LuperCemetery.com for more information about the cemetery, and ways you may contribute to its restoration and maintenance. This website also contains many diaries and documents written by early Lane County pioneers.


DIRECTIONS to Luper Cemetery: From Eugene take River Rd. north to Beacon Drive, on the north boundary of Santa Clara neighborhood, and turn west. From Junction City take River Rd. south, turn west onto Beacon Drive and travel about a ½ mile to a white metal gate, marked with Luper Cemetery signs on the north side of Beacon Drive. Proceed through the gate approximately 1/2 mile to the parking lot and cemetery entrance.

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Compost Workshop – Nov. 3

NEWS RELEASE – For Immediate Release and Community Calendars

October 23, 2018

Contact: Peter Thurston, 541-321-0798

Subject: Santa Clara Community Garden Compost Workshop on Nov 3

Santa Clara Community Garden and OSU Master Gardener Compost Specialists will conduct a soil building workshop on November 3, 10 am to noon at the Santa Clara Community garden, 4110 River Road, behind St. Matthews Church, about 2 miles north of Beltline in the Santa Clara neighborhood. People are welcome to just show up at this free workshop and find out about composting.

At the free workshop on November 3 participants will actively build a Lasagna compost, comprised of multiple layers built in the garden bed. Tim Foelker will lead the demonstration on how to improve the soil in your garden by building a layered compost. Recommended reading and resources include: From Gaia’s Garden, by Toby Hemenway, https://www.chelseagreen.com/2018/04/23/ultimate-guide-sheet-mulching Also, this Mother Earth News article is helpful: https://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/lasagna-gardening-zmaz99amztak

Garden plots are available to rent in the Santa Clara Community Garden for $60 per year. People who want to build up and improve the soil in a garden plot using composting techniques may rent a plot right away. Contact Peter at 541-321-0798 for more information.

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