We have an abundance of farms in Santa Clara.

Farmstands and CSAs

Small is Beautiful Farmstand – produce, raw milk, dairy, eggs all organic.  Open Sunday’s, noon until dark at 1200 E. Beacon    Facebook  Map

Good Earth Farm and b&b-organic produce and blueberries available on farm Hileman Ln

Groundwork Organics – a wide variety of specialty fruits and vegetables for sale at farmers’ markets and through their Community Supported Agriculture program

Little Wings Farm – We grow a variety fruits, berries, vegetables and cut flowers which are all hand harvested. We sell our produce locally to natural food stores, restaurants, a weekly box subscription, and our farmstand in town. USDA and Oregon Tilth Certified Organic.

Lively Organic Farm and Bed & Breakfast, 600 River Loop #2, Eugene, OR 97404 – organic produce available at Eugene farmer’s market

Nettleedge Farm-1640 Beacon Drive will contract grow organic crops for you, eggs available at nearby Small is Beautiful farm stand, 1200 E. Beacon.

NOAG Garden – 815 Irving Road, Eugene, Or 97404 Facebook Page

Paula’s Plantation – tree fruit and heart nuts available at farmer’s market

Phoenix Farm Enterprises – Pasture Raised Meat and Eggs, Chicken and Duck Eggs GMO Free and Spent Grain fed Lamb, Goat, Chicken, Duck and Rabbit,
Seasonal Veggies, Self serve eggs, year round, Farm Stand May – October
385 Delay Dr.

Fruits and Berries

Beacon Blueberry Farm – picked and upick, conventionally grown

Bullocks Blueberries – conventional blueberries available on farm, picked or upick River Loop 1

Riverbrook Farm, 1850 E Beacon Dr, Eugene, OR 97404 -conventional and some organic strawberries, raspberries and cherries on E Beacon Dr.

Small Farmer Project – organic strawberries picked and u pick at farm on E Beacon

Larger Farms

These farms grow produce locally and also import produce.  They put on fun family events thoroughout the year and have picnic tables.

Thistledown Farm  91455 River Rd, Junction City


Eugene Wholesale Nursery 55 Delay Dr Eugene OR 97404 – fruit, shade, flowering and ornamental trees, as well as arborvitae and nandina.  They sell to the individual as well as wholesale.  You can buy one tree or one hundred!

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