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Lane County Climate Advisory Committee Meets Sept. 24, 2021, 12:30-2:30 PM, Webinar format

County staff have been busy working on implementing the objectives spelled out in the February 2020 Order & Resolution 20-02-04-04. To learn more about what is happening in September read below.

Climate Advisory Committee
The Lane County Climate Advisory Committee (CAC) will be meeting on September 24th from 12:30-2:30 PM. Please see the Climate Advisory Committee webpage for meeting materials and how to register for the webinar. 

The Climate Advisory Committee will be discussing the work of the Lane Climate Equity Resilience Task Force, the Lane County Community Climate Action Plan, and the Oregon Department of Energy’s latest incentive programs. Meeting materials will soon be posted here.

The CAC Forestry Subcommittee met twice since the last full CAC meeting and is working on drafting  recommendations. Please keep an eye on the webpage for more information. 
 The purpose of the Climate Action Advisory Committee is to advise the Lane County Board of Commissioners (Board) on policy decisions regarding climate change. The CAC may provide input to the Board on agenda items or may propose new policy directives. 

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Give Blood, Enter to win Fly Away Music Weekend

Check out this new promotion from Bloodworks Northwest. Enter to win by donating blood by October 31. Click here or on photo to go to the promotion web site.

Fly Away Blood Promotion
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Peace Village Update

The proposed Peace Village project on the property where the Peace Presbyterian Church is located has been updated. You can view a presentation from the September 2 SCCO meeting. It’s about 35 minutes in length and has a question and answer session. Click here to view the presentation.

Peace Village Co-Op siting plan

To learn more about the project visit https://www.squareonevillages.org/peace . Peace Village is an effort to develop permanentl affordable housing co-op for people with very low-incomes.

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Suggested Protocol for SCCO Email Motions and Voting

This is a suggested SCCO board policy to establish a “formal” email voting protocol, Please discuss in comments below. This is for motions that do not require extensive discussion or are time-critical.

I. Making the Motion.

  1. SUBJECT: All email requests for a votable proposal should start with “SCCO Board Motion Request,” this may be followed with “Urgent” but only if truly so. A brief title of the motion being called in the subject may also help the reader. [Please do not alter the subject for the duration of the motion so email threads remain complete.]
  2. BODY HEAD: please state, in full, the motion being proposed, include the full name of the” mover” (“I, [name], move that…”)!
  3. DATE CERTAIN: Given that the motion is seconded, final voting is required to be completed by this date.
    Noting else is required but,
  4. BODY ADDITIONAL CONTENT: If the request is marked urgent, explain why in as few words as practicable (date sensitive, time critical, deadline pending, etc.)
  5. OPTIONAL: Discussion detailing the proposal, if warranted or needed. Hopefully the stated motion is self-contained.
  6. ATTACHMENTS: supporting documents if applicable.

II. Entertaining the Motion.

  1. Wait for the move to be seconded.
  2. If a second is not forthcoming in a day or so, the proposer may advocate for a second among fellow board members.
  3. Once seconded, the motion is on the table for discussion.
  4. Amendments may be proposed, discussed and voted on. Make sure the word AMENDMENT is included at the top of the message body. Include the full motion and the amended language or changes being proposed.

III. Calling the Question

  1. Once the motion (including amendments) is finalized the vote is in play.
  2. BODY HEAD: Make sure the words “SCCO BOARD VOTE,” are at the top of the message body.
  3. A majority of board members must vote within 14 days, or by the given date certain deadline, otherwise the motion expires.

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Kids for Culture kick off campaign

From the Kids for Culture Team.


We are a grassroots local nonprofit working to empower 6 – 9th grade youth through Black-centered programming. We are hoping to build our network and get the word out to families.

Please help us spread the word about our drive-thru Kick-Off Event on Friday September 17th from 4:30 – 6pm. We will be giving out FREE backpacks and school supplies and a free take home dinner!

If you know a family who could benefit from Black-centered programming please pass this along and feel free to share this information with any of your networks. Families can fill out this survey to get a backpack customized to their needs. There is also a link to the survey in the flyer.

We are currently putting together our Fall programming called Cultural Conversations. To stay up to date please join our mailing list at: www.wearekidsfortheculture.com

Thank you so much for supporting black centered programming and empowerment for youth.

Kids for Culture kick off event flyer
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