Social Justice Committee Mission and Vision Statements

The Santa Clara Community Organization (SCCO) approved the Social Justice Committee (SJC) Mission & Vision Statements on April 28, 2021.


SCCO’s SJC will work with residents and local institutions (i.e., schools, churches, businesses, city and county government, and police) to foster and sustain a neighborhood environment that is diverse, inclusive, safe, and welcoming; encourage the implementation of practices, projects, and events that help educate our community and prevent harmful bias incidents. The SJC will effectively respond to hate crimes and bias incidents when they occur.


The Santa Clara community Organization Social Justice Committee (SCCO SJC) is committed to the right of every human being to live free from discrimination.  No person shall be victimized, marginalized, or discriminated against in our community on the basis of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, disability, education level, political affiliation, or citizenship status.  We respect the right of all people to a healthy environment.  We support dialogue and disagreement, so long as it is conducted in a respectful manner that fosters relationships.  Our goal is equity for all at the table, through the recognition that there are enough resources in the world to meet everyone’s basic needs.  We reject hatred, bigotry, and vulgarity in all forms, knowing that when anyone in our community is harmed by discrimination, it hurts all of us. 

The Santa Clara Community Organization’s Diversity and Inclusion Statement can be found here.

Social Justice Committee Members:
Kamau Gatson
Gary Haliski
Martha Johnson
Dawn Lesley
Terri Reed
Xia Wang

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