Santa Clara is home to several city and county parks.  Click on the links below to learn more about the parks and how to reserve them for special events.

Volunteer at your neighborhood park through the Eugene Park Stewards program.  Our regional volunteer coordinator is Kelsey Irvine or 541-682-4850 .

Map of Santa Clara Parks - Click on map to enlarge

Map of Santa Clara Parks – Click on map to enlarge

City Parks

Neighborhood Parks

Ferndale Park Concept Plan

Ferndale Park Concept Plan

Arrowhead – 6.0 acres, Developed park
Awbrey – 5.3 acres, Developed park
….Volunteer Work Parties, Oct – April,
….1st Saturday’s 9 – noon
….Friends of Awbrey Park Facebook
Bobolink – 3.3 acres, Undeveloped 2015
Ferndale – 3.2 acres, Undeveloped 2004
Filbert Meadows – 3.3 acres, Developed

Filbert Meadows Concept Plan

Filbert Meadows completed in 2007

Lone Oak – 3.9 acres, Undeveloped
….Lone Oak Park Neighbors Facebook
Ruby Park – 0.9 acres, Undeveloped
Terra Linda – 4.3 acres, Undeveloped
Wendover – 4.5 acres, Undeveloped

County Parks
Whitely Landing – Picnic Table and boat ramp
Hileman Landing – Undeveloped

Natural Area Park
Riverloop Park – 7 acres

Community Park
Santa Clara Community Park Madison MS – 35 acres, Undeveloped
Community Park planning updates can be found here.
Phase 1 should begin construction in 2023.  YouTube video of park plans can be found here.

Draft design of Santa Clara Community Park

Click on image to go to YouTube presentation

Park Watch –  Report a Safety Issue

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