Meeting Minutes

The Santa Clara Community Organization meets via Zoom until further notice on the 1st Thursday of each month.
7 to 9 p.m
Normally we meet at…
Messiah Lutheran Church Community Room at 3280 River Road

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2022 Minutes

Date Type   Topics
June 2 General
Zoom 1. Peace Village
2.Outreach for Neighborhood Plan
Peace Village Coop Fundraiser, Outreach for River Road – Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan
May 5 General
Zoom – 1. Navigation Center
2. Committee Reports including Social Justice Committee
Navigation Center at 100 River Ave, follow up to hate crime from last summer
Apr 7 General
 Zoom – West Lane County Commissioners Forum West Lane County Commissioners Forum
Mar 3 Executive
Zoom – 1. Green Lane Veteran’s Housing,
2. How can we make Santa Clara safe and welcoming for all?,
3. Santa Clarans for Safety – Bike Path to Admiral or Zane?
Executive elections, Green Lane Veteran’s Housing, How can we make Santa Clara safe and welcoming for all?, Santa Clarans for Safety – Bike Path to Admiral or Zane?
Feb 3 General
 PDF Board Elections, Racial incidents at NE, Formation of Safety for Santa Clarra group
Jan 6 Executive


SJC ‘From Graffiti to Paintballs to Bullets’, SCCO recap of 2021 accomplishments

2021 Minutes

Dec 2 Zoom PDF Social Justice Report, Committee Reports
Nov 4 General
Zoom – West Bank Path Presentation
West Bank Path, Committee Reports
Oct 7 Zoom PDF
Zoom – Beaver-Hunsaker Update
Beaver-Hunsaker, State of Oregon Bias Response Team
Sep 2 Zoom PDF
Zoom – Peace Village Update
Peace Village Update, Policy Topics
Aug  5 Executive
Zoom – Hate/Bias Incident, Foundation Update
Community Garden contract, Hate Bias Incident, Foundation update
July 1 Executive
PDF Emergency Communication in Santa Clara, Santa Clara Community Foundation
June 3 Executive
PDF Bike/foot bridge over Beltline, Review of SC Community Foundation Board applications
May 6 Executive
Lessons of 2020 wildfire season, steps to take going forward, Social Justice Committee, Community Garden
April 1 Executive
How could we run a vaccination clinic for the River Road area?, Suicide Prevention
Mar 4 General

Zoom Hate Bias Portion
Zoom Peace Village Portion
501(c)3 Portion

Hate Bias Crimes in River Road Area, Peace Village Coop, 1st Steps forming a board for the Santa Clara Foundation
Feb 4 General

Zoom Covid Portion

Board Elections, LTD Santa Clara Station opening, Covid-19 update from Lane County
Recap of 2020 and look forward to SCCO activities in 2021

2020 Minutes

Date Type   Topics
Dec 3 General Zoom PDF Zoom Recycling Programs (City of Eugene)
Nov 5 Board Zoom PDF
Low Income Housing Project – Hunsaker Lane, LTD Transit Station Update, vote on 501(c)3, vote on Historic Schoolhouse, vote on Diversity Statement
Oct 1 General Zoom PDF
Legislative Update Nancy Nathanson.  Historic Schoolhouse, Forming Non-Profit
Sep 3 Board Zoom PDF Santa Clara Schoolhouse, Forming a 501(c)(3),
Clarification of Board and General Meetings
Aug 6 Board
PDF Old Schoolhouse,
Diversity/Inclusion Statement
Jul 2 Board
Square One Village,
Diversity/Inclusion Statement
Jun 4 General Zoom PDF Eugene Public Library,
LTD Transit Station
May 5 General Zoom PDF
Emergency Preparedness,
Map your Neighborhood
Apr 2 Board Zoom PDF SCCO Covid Response
Mar 5 General   Cancelled Covid-19
Feb 6 General PDF Board Elections, Census, Rivendell Subdivision, 350 Carbon Challenge,
Historic School House
Board PDF Carbon Free Community

2019 Minutes

Date Type   Topics
Dec 5 General PDF Refining the RR-SC Neighborhood  Plan,
Traffic Lights on River Road
Nov 7 Executive PDF Emergency Preparedness
Oct. 3 Executive PDF Moving Ahead (LTD)
Sep 5 Executive PDF LTD Transit Station, Carbon Free Challenge, 501(c)3 for SCCO
Aug 1 General PDF RR-SC Plan
July 4 No Meeting    
June 6      
May 2 Board PDF Spreading Kindness, Hunsaker Lane,
Airbnb, Historic School House,
Diversity Statement
April 4 Board PDF 4J Local Option Levy, SC Celebration,
Diversity Statement Signage, ADU’s
Mar 4 General PDF Beltline Interchange Construction,
Diversity Statement, SC Celebration,
Cultivating Community Thru  Events
Feb 7 General PDF 2018 Review, Board Elections,
Anti-Hate & Bias Statement
Jan 3 General PDF CERT, Historic School House,
Diversity Statement

2018 Minutes

Date Type   Topics
Dec 6 Board PDF LTD Transit Station Design
Nov 1 Board PDF Housing (WE CAN)
Oct 4 General PDF Police Auditor Presentation, EWEB presentation
Sep 6 Board PDF Neighborhood Plan, Historical School House
Aug 2 Board PDF ADU’s
Jul 5 Board PDF Off leash dog park, Regional Park
Jun 7 Board PDF Safe Routes to Schools, Recycling, Special Park District, Senator Manning, Homelessness
Apr 5 General PDF Car Camping Proposal, Santa Clara Celebration, Off Leash Park, ArtCity, SDU’s
Mar 1 General PDF Missing Middle Housing, Pilot Car Camping Proposal, Neighborhood Plan, Off-Leash Park, SDU’s
Feb 1 Board PDF City Auditor position, LTD Transit Station, Officer Election, Diversity Statement
Jan 4 General PDF Public Plaza at LTD station, Off Leash Park, Board Elections, Diversity Action in Response to SC family fearing being targeted by white nationalists

2017 Minutes

Date Type   Topics
Dec 7 General PDF Draft LTD Transit Station, First Neighborhood Forum Report, White Nationalist response,
Nov 2 Board PDF State Legislative Report, Cornerstone Housing, Homelessness, RR-SC Plan, Giant Sequoias.
Oct 5 Board PDF Santa Clara and Lane Rural Fire possible merge, EmX West 11th, DOLA
Aug 3 General PDF Possible Lone Oaks Dog Park, Regional Park
Jul 6 Board PDF Beaver-Hunsaker, Regional Park District, Dog Park, Illegal Fireworks
Jun 1 General PDF Homelessness, RR-SC Neighborhood Plan
May 4 General PDF Santa Clara Multi-Use Path, Neighborhood Plan
Apr 5      
Mar 2 General PDF Regional Park District, Homeless Rest Stops,
Feb 2      
Jan 5 General PDF Homeless camps, Board Elections