How to tell if you are officially in the City of Eugene or just the County

Residents of Santa Clara often are not sure if they are part of the City of Eugene or just Lane County. Lane County has a webpage that is easy to use and will give you a lot of useful information, such as:

  • Are you in the city or just the county?
  • Law Enforcement Jurisdiction – Do you call the city police or county sheriffs?
  • Fire District – Do you call the Eugene or Santa Clara Rural Fire department?
  • Elected Officials – handy if you want to contact them
  • School District – Santa Clara is represented by 3 different districts – 4J, Junction City, and Bethel
  • Building permit links
  • Tax account date and map links

At the top of the Search page are tabs for Planning/Zoning, Floodplain/Wetlands, and Airports/Coastal. You probably will rarely use these tabs.

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