The mission of the Santa Clara Community Organization is to advocate on behalf of the people living in the area and to represent the community organization’s views to Lane County, the city of Eugene, and other decision making agencies on matters affecting the general welfare, growth, and development of the area, as well as by encouraging and facilitating communication among the members on matters of common interest.

The Santa Clara Community Organization meets every 1st Thursday of each month from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Messiah Lutheran Church at 3280 River Road.

Adopted August 3, 2006

  • Sustain long-established community traditions of self-governance and self-determination in Santa Clara, explore creative options and alternative strategies, and help to sustain and, where possible, expand long-established community institutions such as the fire protection special service districts.
  • Create an environment for achieving the highest level of public trust, actively engaging residents to resolve past issues, strengthening and building community identity, fostering inclusive public decision-making, and working in partnership toward the preferred future for the Santa Clara community.
  • Develop and adopt a neighborhood-based community plan and program for Santa Clara, including a community vision, goals, and a set of strategic-implementing actions.
  • Strengthen and expand the role of the Santa Clara Community Organization in local governance and decision-making
  • Establish and maintain stable and livable neighborhoods that sustain distinct community character, connections, and heritage; and that provide for diverse housing choices, inviting open spaces, recreational opportunities, social activities, and neighborhood-based commercial and other services in a child and family friendly environment.
  • Guide growth in a way that strengthens and preserves the character of existing neighborhoods, and supports sustainable development with design excellence and creative, environmentally sound planning.
  • Acquire and preserve parks, natural areas, and open spaces; and protect remaining agricultural lands and heritage features and patterns.
  • Preserve and restore the Willamette River and Greenway as an open space corridor and enhance to the maximum degree possible the visual, physical, social, and pedestrian connections between the river and the Santa Clara community; preserve and restore local stream corridors, smaller drainage ways, roadside ditches, and the soils and trees that function as the area’s natural drainage system.
  • Make the River Road thoroughfare the central unifying rather than dividing element of the Santa Clara community; and provide for other improvements that make the neighborhood connected, safe, accessible, and walkable.
  • Ensure the provision of quality public services by partnering with and between residents, local special service districts, the City of Eugene, Lane County, and other groups and jurisdictions to implement these goals.

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