Santa Clara Bike Routes

Nine bike routes in the Santa Clara area are listed below. Six 2-mile routes, two 5-mile routes and one 10-mile route.

The 2-mile rides

These are intended to be 10 to 15 minute rides that stay off of high traffic, high speed streets like River Road, Irving, Irvington and Wilkes. All but one pass a city park.

2 Mile routes on the west side of River Road.

2 Mile routes on the east side of River Road

The 5-mile rides

The two 5-mile rides are intended to be 25 to 40 minute rides that do not cross or use River Road. Both 5-mile routes take you by several city parks.

East Santa Clara 5 mile Bike Ride
West Santa Clara 5 mile Bike Ride

The 10-mile ride

The 10-mile route is a 45 minute to an hour and 15 minute ride. The route crosses River Road at two points. One is a controlled light and one is at a stop sign. The route passes the farms and pastures along Beacon and River Loop 1 as well as passing Arrowhead Park on the west side.

10 Mile Bike Ride

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