Compassion Bits – Volunteering made easy

Looking for a volunteer opportunity that doesn’t take a lot of time or commit you to an ongoing committee or group? Take a look at some of the volunteer activities near Santa Clara. Some take a little training, but once you are trained you can pretty much choose your hours.

EGAN WARMING CENTER – 440 Maxwell Rd (about a mile south of Fred Meyer)
The Egan warming center is activated when the temperature is projected to get down to 30 or below. On average, the centers are activated about 15 times a year. Shifts can be as short as 4 hours. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Go to the Egan Warming Center page to find out more about training and signing up for shifts.

Pray Big! Food Pantry – 4110 River Road (St.Matthew’s Episcopal Church) The last Saturday of each month from 10 am – 11:30 pm. The Pray Big! Food Pantry has been working with Food for Lane County for at least 10 years. To get involved, please Contact Liz Blaylock: lizannebishop

River Road – Santa Clara Volunteer Library – 105 Oakleigh Ln. Small but dynamic library. Email Website

The Santa Clara Community Foundation. Our neighborhood’s pre-eminent 501(c)3 organization that sponsors and supports many community projects around Santa Clara. SCCF networks with County, City and State, and many local NGO’s to help us accomplish goals for the community. Email

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