Volunteer Pooper Scoopers needed for Santa Clara Community Park

From Michelle Parkins of the City’s Parks and Open Spaces Department

I am reaching to see if a member of the Santa Clara community may be interested  in helping steward a trash can or dog poop can at Santa Clara Park? We as a City would like to put one out there, however currently it is not efficient for our operations staff to tend the can on a regular basis. We would provide the can (may be a small post hanging can) and the bags. The volunteer would monitor the can and empty it in their home garbage as needed. Please let me know if you or one of the neighbors may be interested in helping us keep the dog waste out of the water system and keeping the park clean.

Be well,

Michelle Parkins

Tree Stewardship & Natural Areas Volunteer Coordinator
541.510.4040 (cell)
City of Eugene Parks and Open Space

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