Free Composting Workshops at Santa Clara Community Garden

News Release
October 6, 2019
Contact: Peter Thurston, 541-321-0798

Subject: Santa Clara Community Garden (SCCG) composting workshop schedule

On October 19, Saturday, 10 AM, OSU Compost Specialists will demonstrate composting techniques, including hot compost and cold composting. Additionally, two upcoming compost workshops in November and December will focus on the subjects below.

SCCG is located behind St. Matthews Church at 4110 River Road, about 1-1/2 mile north of Beltline. These composting workshops are free and do not require preregistration. All sessions run for an hour or two.

Other Free 2019 Compost Workshops at SCCG

November 16, Saturday, 10 AM – SCCG compost and cover crops for the coming season

December 14, Saturday, 10 AM – Pruning demonstration and discussion of composting

All workshops will include discussion of various composting methods, including: hot compost, cold compost, lasagna, cover crops, and soil building with worms.


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