Reducing Environmental Impact

Creating a Happy, Carbon-Free Community

On Thursday, January 2, 2020 at 7:00 pm, the Santa Clara Community Organization (SCCO) will host a presentation and discussion at Messiah Lutheran Church, 3280 River Road, Eugene on the subject of “Creating a Happy, Carbon-Free Community.” Steve Goldman will present a talk about climate change and things people in our community can do to create positive change and a brighter, happier, and more sustainable future for our city and the world.

Many people are aware that carbon emissions are continuing to rise and our planet is continuing to get hotter. Yet, there are many simple things each of us can do that will lessen our impact on the planet and create positive change. The Eugene Carbon-Free Challenge contains a list of 64 such actions. We will be discussing some of these actions on January 2, as well as other ways to make Santa Clara a healthier, happier, and more vibrant community. As Charles Montgomery says in his book Happy City, a happy city is a place where people interact with each other in positive ways.

About the speaker: Steve Goldman has spent over 30 years restoring rivers and wetlands and revegetating disturbed lands, including 20 years managing the natural resource programs of the California Tahoe Conservancy. Since moving to Eugene in 2008, he has served on the Eugene Neighborhood Leaders Council’s Committee on Sustainability, which organized three well-attended Green Neighbors Fairs. Steve also teaches Nonviolent Communication and is a regular volunteer listener at the Empathy Tent at the Eugene Saturday Market.

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