Santa Clara 10 mile Bike Ride

Are you in shape for a 10 mile ride? Put on your helmet and bright clothing and try this ride. This is a 10 mile bike ride that takes you past developed and undeveloped parks, horse pastures, farms and through several local neighborhoods so you can get landscaping ideas. Plan on 45 minutes to an hour if you are in bicycling shape.

Choose an entry point and then travel the course clockwise. Biking clockwise will give you the most right hand turns, which are much safer than left hand turns. Please stop and make sure the coast is clear when you make a left hand turn.


  • Cars often cut corners or swing wide on the East Beacon curves.
  • There are two crossings over River Road where the speed limit is 40 mph. One is at a controlled light – that is good. The other is at a stop sign. Make sure the traffic is clear when crossing at the stop sign.
10 Mile bike ride in Santa Clara for experienced riders
Click on map for enlarged view. Also, see link to Google Maps a.
  • ALWAYS wear a helmet
  • WEAR bright colors – florescent yellow or florescent orange are best.
  • DON’T LOOK DOWN at a cell phone. Homeowners often walk out from their houses between hedges to begin walks. If you’re looking down, you’ll hit them.

Turn by turn directions starting at the corner of East Beacon and River Road. (You can join in anywhere along the route and follow the turns.). And here’s a link to the 10 mile route on Google Maps

  • Head east on East Beacon Drive towards the river
  • R onto River Loop 1
  • R onto River Loop 2
  • L onto Scenic
  • L onto Wilkes (caution crossing- fast cars on Wilkes)
  • R onto River Loop 1 (RR 1 is past Madison MS)
  • Cross River Road at light and continue onto Ferndale Dr
  • L onto Ferndale Dr after 0.3 miles
  • L onto Irving Rd
  • R onto Newcastle
  • R onto Durham
  • L onto Leyton Lane
  • R onto Ruby
  • R onto York
  • L onto Irving Rd (caution crossing- fast cars on Irving)
  • R onto Arrowhead
  • R onto Irvington Dr
  • L onto Lancaster
  • R onto Lynnbrook
  • L onto Victoria Lane
  • R onto Altura (Victoria becomes Altura)
  • R onto Willow Springs Dr
  • L onto River Road (caution crossing- fast cars on River Road)
  • END or return to top of directions until you complete the loop

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