Santa Clara Grange Blood Drive this Saturday the 5th.

The Santa Clara Grange is holding a blood drive this Saturday from 9am until 3pm. The Santa Clara Grange is located at 295 Azalea Street. (Turn east at the AM/PM station and go about four blocks and you will find the Grange.

The Santa Clara Grange location is an ideal location to give blood for those who live in Santa Clara. The Santa Clara Grange holds Blood Drives every two months.

The non-profit that runs the Blood Drive would like to see more people give blood at this location so they can continue to hold the drive every two months. Please take the time this Saturday, October 5th, to visit the Santa Clara Grange and donate.

Note that our community has two Granges. Make sure you are going to the Grange on Azalea and not on Irvington.

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