Thursday, Oct 3 SCCO meeting – LTD update and your chance for input

The correct date for the SCCO monthly meeting is Thursday, Oct 3.

Monthly Santa Clara Community Organization Meeting
Thursday, October 3
7 PM
3280 River Road (Messiah Lutheran Church)

Our SCCO meeting is a great last opportunity to get informed about the various LTD/City options being presented for funding.  That decision will be made after the October 21st public hearing this month. 

LTD is going to choose a corridor for funding from a list of options for all corridors that range from no improvements, to enhanced service, to full EmX buildout.  Attend our meeting and get informed so that you can give substantive feedback about the choice to be made. This is a great chance to ask questions, generate ideas, and form opinions about their preferences.

Click on the graphic below to go to the Moving Ahead website to learn more about the options. You will find more information about the October 21st meeting and on option to submit online comments.

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2 Responses to Thursday, Oct 3 SCCO meeting – LTD update and your chance for input

  1. JUDY HALL says:

    I would like to read the comments. The links says, “Read all comments” but it always takes me to this link. Can you tell me how to access the comments? Thank you.

  2. JUDY HALL says:

    Oh, I see. So, there are no comments? How was the meeting last week? Sorry, I was unable to attend. However, the last meeting I attended on this topic, from a full auditorium revealed an unwelcome protest from the residents and neighbors. Just curious, how is the response from the neighborhood, currently?

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