2 Major topics for the August 4 SCCO meeting

We’d like to give you a heads up before the agenda is finalized for our Thursday, August 4 meeting at 7PM. We’ll send out more info next week.

The 2 main topics are:

  • Foster Martinez from St Vincent de Paul regarding site plan changes at their 10-unit housing project at 101 Green Lane.
  • Jonathan Patrick, City of Eugene Public Works regarding the annexation of a portion of River Rd from Wedgewood to Beacon Dr and of Irvington Dr from River Rd heading west. The attached maps show the location of these sections. The proposed annexation applies to the street right of way only and will not require properties along either of the streets to annex.
Map of proposed annexation of River Road and Irvington
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1 Response to 2 Major topics for the August 4 SCCO meeting

  1. Rodney Graves says:

    What other streets in Santa Clara has the city annexed to date ? Blackfoot was the only one that I was aware of.

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