Beltline-Delta Interchange Video

There was an excellent presentation tonight at the monthly SCCO meeting regarding the Beltline/Delta and Beltline/River Road Projects. Construction of the improved Beltline/Delta interchange is scheduled to start in 2020. Here is a video of what the Beltline/Delta interchange should look like when finished.

Because of the huge interest in the River Road portion of Beltline improvements, the majority of the presentation was focused on Beltline Highlway from Delta to River Road.

• Beltline Highway between Delta Highway and River Road is one of the most congested places in the Eugene/Springfield area.
• The roadway within the project area has four through travel lanes carrying between 55,000 and 90,000 cars and trucks each day. The roadway was not designed to carry this volume of traffic, resulting in congestion, especially at peak periods.
• This congestion, along with short merge and diverge areas, contributes to a higher frequency of crashes than other similar facilities in the state. As north and west Eugene and surrounding areas continue to develop, traffic congestion is expected to get worse.

We encourage you to review the presentation regarding Beltline improvements from Delta to River Road. The improvements include a new bridge just north of Beltline that connects Greenacres road to Division street. Another proposal is to build an overpass over Beltline that connects River Avenue to Beaver Street. Click here to go to the presentation.

Yellow line is proposed new bridge to connect Greenacres Road to Divisions and Beaver Street.

You can learn more about the project and sign up for newsletters from ODOT regarding the Beltline/River Road project on the ODOT website here.

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