Check out the Draft River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan

The River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan project team has continued to work on the Plan’s adoption package, which includes the Neighborhood Plan document and associated comprehensive plan and refinement plan amendments, zone changes, and land use code amendments to help implement the community vision.

A draft of the Neighborhood Plan is now on the project website and ready for you to read! The Neighborhood Plan will provide policy direction, guide City and County staff in developing other work programs and preparing budgets, and calls for continued collaboration from the community. The Neighborhood Plan is supported by the Action Plan, which will help guide implementation of the Neighborhood Plan over the long-term and will require continued coordination and advocacy between the City, County, neighborhood organizations, and community. These draft plans are the result of years of community participation and volunteer hours, capturing the neighborhood vision for the future. 

To implement some of the goals in the Neighborhood Plan, land use code amendments and zone changes are proposed. View the draft proposed zoning map to see the existing and proposed zoning and learn more about the purpose of these proposed changes in the code summary

We are working towards getting the plan adopted! The draft Neighborhood Plan and accompanying draft land use code and proposed zoning will be shared for broader community outreach and engagement this summer. Stay tuned for opportunities to participate and provide input in the coming months.

For more information, visit the project website, the Engage Eugene project page, or sign up for the project newsletter for updates. For questions, contact Senior Planner Chelsea Hartman.

Check out the Draft River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan
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