Donate to the Santa Clara Community Foundation

Support Santa Clara community projects! The Santa Clara Community Foundation is accepting financial gifts to fund community-focused projects in the neighborhood, like the “Old Schoolhouse” renovation. The Foundation is dedicated to helping Santa Clara neighbors fund projects that benefit and improve our neighborhood 

Donating to the Santa Clara Community Foundation (SCCF) can be done in several ways. The Santa Clara Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public corporation. The SCCF IRS-assigned EIN is: 86-2194282. For more about the SCCF visit their website here.

  • By Check or Visa Card – Visit the SCCF donation page here.
  • Donate via Fred Meyer Shopper’s (Rewards) Card
  • Donate via Bottle Drop (via in-store kiosk, web, or Blue Bags) Click here

Donating to SCCF Via Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Donating via the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program doesn’t cost you a cent. The donations are completely funded by Fred Meyer.

To get started, Log into your Fred Meyer account.

2. Type ‘ Community Rewards ‘ in the search oval and hit enter on your keyboard.

3. Click on ‘Enroll’

4. In the ‘Search by Organization’ oval, type ‘ Santa Clara Community Foundation ‘ and hit enter on your keyboard. Note that you may have to scroll up to see the Search oval.

5. Click on ‘Enroll’ for the Santa Clara Community Foundation

Donating to SCCF Via Bottle Drop

Please note:
In addition to your Bottle Drop web site account you may request a “blue bag” by calling Tim Foelker (SCCF Board President, 541-689-8897). Once your blue bag is full, Tim can pick it up, or you may drop it off at any Bottledrop location by scanning the tag sticker on the bag to open the secure Drop Door.

Via the Bottledrop web site:

If you use BottleDrop, you may donate all or a portion of your current balance. BottleDrop won’t allow you to donate more than your balance.

Before starting, log into your Bottledrop account.

  1. Hover over ‘For Individuals’ and click on ‘Make Nonprofit Donations’

2. Click on ‘Search Nonprofits’

3. Enter ‘ Santa Clara Community Foundation ‘ in the search box

4. Click on ‘Learn more about ‘Santa Clara Community Foundation’

5. Click on ‘Donate Now’

6. Enter your amount and click on ‘Donate Now’

That’s all there is to it. Thank you for participating!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Tim Foelker, SCCF Board President, at 541-689-8897