Emergency Preparedness Resources Inventory

How do I start to prepare for emergencies?

Ready NW Eugene has compiled links and contact information in one document to help each of us to continue our journey to becoming informed and “emergency prepared.” The document is the Ready NW Eugene Emergency Preparedness Resources Inventory (v. 8/26/23).

The Inventory’s focus on emergency preparedness and disaster recovery is arranged in four major sections:

1.  Foundational Emergency Preparedness Sites
2.  Emergency Preparedness Tools, Programs, and Resources (including local)
3.  Emergency Specific Resources (including local): Fires, Air Quality and Weather, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruptions, Dam Safety and/or Flooding, Pandemic, Power Outages, and Toxic Chemical Spill/Leak/Fuel Tank Storage
4.  Other Eugene Neighborhood Organization Emergency Planning

You can access the Inventory two ways:

1.     The Google Docs link: https://tinyurl.com/EmPrepInventory

2.     For a PDF copy: Email us at ReadyNWEugene@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in emergency preparedness. Please give us your suggestions and comments so we can continue to improve the Resource Inventory document. Also, you can email us to be added to our distribution list at ReadyNWEugene@gmail.com

Joel Robe/Charlsey Cartwright/ Ed Farren
Ready NW Eugene Emergency Preparedness

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