EWEB’s 2020 Pledge to Prepare

EWEB’s 12 month emergency preparedness planning tool, Pledge to Prepare, is once again available to help each of us prepare to be on our own for 2 weeks. The experts say that each of us will need to have enough water, food, medicine, heat, shelter, money and more to last 2 weeks after a disaster. For January, to meet the pledge you would gather the following items:

  • Plastic tote(s) or duffle bag(s)
  • 3 days of food, water, and cash
  • Hand operated can opener
  • 2 flashlights with batteries

In addition, the article discusses how and where to store your emergency supplies. EWEB is also giving away emergency preparedness prizes throughout the year with a grand prize of a generator at the end of the year. You can find out more and sign up for the pledge at: http://www.eweb.org/outages-and-safety/preparing-for-emergencies/pledge-to-prepare-campaign

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