Lane County’s Kicks Off ‘real-time shelter finder’

From the Lane County website:

Coordinated Entry is the system and process that helps match different housing interventions with people facing a housing crisis. The resources you may be eligible for will depend on your situation. Here are some of the resources that you may be connected with:

  • Rent assistance: help paying rent that you owe
  • Problem solving: identify what options are available and connect to resources that can help you with your housing search
  • Eviction support: help to go through the eviction process and understand what your options are 
  • Renter support: help understanding the rules you and your landlord have to follow
  • Survival supplies: items that can help you live more safely on the street like a tent, sleeping bag, food, water
  • Shelter: information about available shelter options
  • Short or long term housing support: ongoing housing support if you’re currently homeless

If you or someone you know needs housing assistance please visit the Coordinated Entry page. Contact options include calling by phone, online contact, or visiting in person.

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