Over 30 People show up to support Hate Crime Victims in Santa Clara

Last Friday, a vehicle drove by Xia Wang’s and Ben Christensen’s home in Santa Clara shooting almost 30 paintballs at their house and cars. An excellent article by Mary Bell and James Croxton of Double Sided Media describes the entire incident and three previous occurrences at the same house.

The SCCO rejects hatred, bigotry, and vulgarity in all forms. Members of the SCCO Bias Response Team, along with twenty five of Xia and Ben’s friends showed up to clean and offer support.

If you would like to join the SCCO Bias Response Team please email sjc@santaclaracommunity.org . If another incident occurs in Santa Clara, you will be emailed about any actions that might be taken, such as helping clean up or showing support. The goal is to increase the Response Team to at least 30 members, knowing not everyone can help on short notice.

Xia and Ben are planning a community building project – a mural on their property. They hope to start this Sunday or Monday, just a little over a week after being targeted.

Paintball attack on Santa Clara house that had a Black LIves Matters sign in the front yard.
Photo by Mary Bell//Double Sided Media. Click on photo to go to entire article.
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