City buys riverfront property for Natural Area park

Map by Tim Penix for the Register-Guard

The city of Eugene recently purchased riverfront property in the Santa Clara area with money from the 2006 Parks Bond.  The city has designated the park as a Natural Area park.  Santa Clara also has nine neighborhood parks (3 are developed) and over 35 acres of land targeted for a community park.

Here is a link to The Register-Guard article from January 7th.  There is a nice slide show that accompanies the article.

Photo by Collin Andrew of The Register-Guard

We encourage you to participate in the Santa Clara-River Road Planning Process. You can help influence how parks are developed in our area.

Sign up to get the latest on the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Planning Process.  Over 400 people attended out first meeting.  Many smaller meetings have been held since the first meeting.  Even if you have not attended previous meetings, you can get involved now.  We need your help, and your help will determine the livability of Santa Clara for the next twenty years and more.  Sign  up for updates here.

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  1. hollis conant says:

    sounds like they dont need our input they just buy what they want without it

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