Santa Clara Community Garden Composting update: Work Party Saturday Nov 6

Santa Clara Community Garden Work Party
Saturday, November 6
10 AM

SCCG Gardeners:

A work party is planned for Saturday, November 7 at 10 AM to demonstrate how composting will work in the area around the garden shed.  Now that we are restricted to a very small area around the shed for composting, all gardeners need to follow some basic processing guidelines as plots are cleared for winter.  Two videos (one English and one in Spanish) are attached and show how this is done as materials come off garden plots.  On Saturday this process will be described by members of the compost team.

There is now a written agreement with St. Matthews church that says the garden area will be kept neat and tidy, and that safety is a primary consideration.  Please keep the garden looking cared for, particularly along the north edge by the labyrinth, and within sight of the parking area.  We are all responsible to see that our garden is safe and looking good.

Peter Thurston

Video English Video Spanish

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