SCCO Meeting Tonight (Thursday) – Beaver Hunsaker update

Thursday, September 1
7:00 p.m.
Messiah Lutheran Church
3280 River Road

Also available via Zoom

Meeting ID: 858 8654 6083
Passcode: 885695

A presentation by transportation planner, Logan Telles of the City of Eugene regarding upcoming changes to Beaver Hunsaker. Recent grant funds provide for improvements to the street between River Road and Taito.

Other matters include

  • discussion of the upcoming Square One Village fundraiser
  • assessment of ongoing Game Nights in the Park, and
  • reports on ongoing projects as well as new land use applications.
Monthly Meeting
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3 Responses to SCCO Meeting Tonight (Thursday) – Beaver Hunsaker update

  1. Kathryn Beer says:

    Will I be able to see this on zoom at a later date? Will be at the Emeralds game tonight.
    Thank you for the work you do!

    • Gary Haliski says:

      We record the meetings and post them. Last months audio was horrible. We’ve been working with some equipment we pick up from the city. It worked fine two meetings ago and then not so good last time.

  2. Rich Kiehn says:

    Good Afternoon, I plan to attend tonight’s meeting via Zoom. I am a new member of this community; I bought a house here in 2019. I just recently realized that there is an organization that will represent my interests. I am in the process of sending you MY Objections to the MovingAhead(Behind?) development on River Road. I can see how their intensions were good. But I can also see how their Outcomes, as proposed, will be BAD for the people of this community after examining the most current (2018?) report shown on the LTD website. It appears that there will be a very small increase in ridership by 2035, but the COSTS…financial, aesthetic, convenient, and safety wise… makes me think that the PROJECT falls way short of justifying ANY advancement. I OPPOSE the EmX Alternative. I would lean to the No Change Alternative that has been abandoned.

    Sincerely, Richard Kiehn

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