SCCO Survey – How can we help you?

The Santa Clara Community Organization is asking you to take 10 minutes to fill out a survey about our neighborhood. Please tell us about the quality of life in Santa Clara and what can make it better. You will help us know what you want from the SCCO and how we can do a better job. The results will also influence City of Eugene policies for all neighborhoods.

The SCCO wants to know what neighborhood issues and problems to focus on, what kinds of speakers to invite to our meetings, what types of events to bring to the area, and what to discuss in mailings. The City wants to learn what neighborhood needs and issues are most important to you.

The survey was created by neighborhood association members working with the City’s Neighborhood Program. We will be able to see the results for our specific area as well as for the city.

Your response will be confidential. It won’t take you long.

Quality of life survey

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One Response to SCCO Survey – How can we help you?

  1. Thomas Witt says:

    Probably you won’t read this nor, care for the subject. Ever time the city or county covers up teraferma with black top or concrete you are intentionally heating this valley up. Every new building with air conditioning heats this valley. Then you blame the cause on global warming. I’m sorry but your logic is wrong. I live in Eugene all my life 1974. The reason why California’s were not welcome was because of population with in the valley. I’m sorry but the city and lane are one of the reason this valley is warming up. I’ll take you to the UofO everomental law library. You know it’s free right. Stop tearing up trees. 150 trees to be torn up on river road. Technically uou not suppose to do that. It was a deal struck between the city and UofO students to expand the first river road. City torn down alot of trees on river rd back when. And now again. POB for you. Or we can do it like the old days and brake out the old ulocks. Stop tearing down trees you udder morons.

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