Video posted from November 2nd SCCO Meeting

SCCO November meeting – Friends of Trees

Video from the November 2nd meeting of the presentation by Erik Burke of the Friends of Trees has been posted. Erik explains how the Friends of Trees operates in the Eugene area. He also provides information on how to possibly get a free tree through the Friends of Trees. There is also an extensive question and answer session about trees in general. You can learn more about the Friends of Trees and trees, here.

SCCO meeting video, November 2nd – Friends of Trees

October video – Autism Rocks – Have you ever been curious about what it is like to be autistic?

We had a presentation at our October SCCO meeting featuring Lexi Reed, who is autistic and is also ADHD. Listen to Lexi as she talks about life with autism. Lexi is followed by Angela Phinney of KindTree – Autism Rocks. You can learn more about Kind Tree here.

Here is the link to the Autism Rocks video.

There was also some discussion at the meeting about road projects in River Road. As a reminder, Reed Dunbar gave a thorough presentation at our September meeting. Click here for link to Reed’s presentation.

Another transportation topic of interest at the November meeting was the widening of Beltline and the addition of a smaller bridge just north of Beltline. Here is a link to ODOT’s Project page.

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