Virtual Evacuation Exercise Recording and Presentation

Hello neighbors, On Tuesday, February 1st, we successfully held our first Virtual Evacuation Exercise that included a train derailment and Chlorine Gas Leak. This simulated incident impacted areas all over Northwest Eugene. 

Thank you to David Monk and John Quetzalcoatl Murray for facilitating our event!

At a high level, we discussed:

How we would find out about this scenario through the Lane County Emergency Alerts;

Who was impacted through the Eugene Springfield Fire Evacuation Zones;

How we would react to this scenario happening in our neighborhood;

How we would alert and check on our immediate neighbors;

How we would find out about the return home and begin the recovery process;

How we could better prepare for a scenario like this.

The event was recorded and can be viewed on YouTube: 

We hope that you will follow along with the recording and begin thinking about how you would personally respond to this scenario. If you can take it one step further and talk to your neighbors about their plans, even better!

This event contained a specific disaster of a Chlorine Gas Leak, but the emergency could be anything – an earthquake, a crime that involves evacuation or lockdown, a wildfire, etc. While preparing yourself for evacuation or shelter in place, consider a variety of situations that could occur.

The PowerPoint Presentation, Meeting Chat, notes, and all links/resources can be found on our Google Drive:
The Eugene Community Newswire (KEPW) also reported on the event!

We invite you to join us on Tuesday, March 1st from 6:30-7:30 pm via Zoom, to discuss takeaways and next steps for our neighborhoods.

This event was hosted by Ready NW Eugene – the Emergency Preparedness Teams of the NW Eugene neighborhoods – River Road Community Organization, Active Bethel Community, and Santa Clara Community Organization. 
Jacque Wurster
Emergency Preparedness Team
River Road Community Organization
Ready NW Eugene YouTube Channel

Presentation Links:


Randy Groves Statement Recording:

Sign up for Emergency Alerts:

Evacuation Zones:

Resources: Planner_2018-web.pdf

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