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If you’ve sent in your ballot and are wondering if it has been received, you can check on the State of Oregon website. Just fill in your name and birthdate in the following page on the State of Oregon website –

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  1. Tim Foelker says:

    It’s not clear to me if the status of “My Ballot” on that page will be listed as “received” or “tallied” or “rejected” at some point. If someone checks this and notices something different than “A ballot was sent…” please let us know here.

    P.S. My wife had her ballot returned a couple of times over the years because her normal signature changed (became less legible) and wasn’t being verified. We vote early and plenty of notice was given so she could re-submit her signature. So certain mail-ballot system-checks do work. Send in your ballot now!

  2. Tim Foelker says:

    Followup for those interested: the web site above now indicates that
    my ballot was received on October 21, 2020. Get your ballots mailed, deadline today! Or you’ll have to drop them off at a ballot dropbox. Eugene/Springfield-ballot drop locations:

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