Opportunity Knocks—Should SCCO Go 501(c)3?

Without a public place to gather, celebrate, and share information Santa Clarans have limited opportunities to build community in a lasting way. An historic one-room schoolhouse built in 1901 sits on land owned by the City of Eugene (located within the Santa Clara Community Park boundary).  SCCO has the opportunity to own the building, return it to its single-room grandeur, and use it as a publicly-available community space.  In order to do this, we’ll need to form a non-profit that can hold the property and help raise funds for its reconstruction and ongoing maintenance.  This non-profit foundation could also help with raising funds for other neighborhood initiatives like more community gardens, dog parks, the annual Santa Clara celebration, and other projects.  These projects expand our local ability to serve each other and we need your help in deciding whether to make it happen. We invite you to be involved. A vote to form the non-profit and approve the schoolhouse project will happen at our next SCCO meeting (Nov. 5th, 7PM, Zoom.) We need your input and vote! Please contact us at (458) 209-9990, and to receive SCCO email updates, enter your email in the right sidebar.

Rendering of the River Loop 2 schoolhouse.

The schoolhouse project will be a volunteer effort to bring a small piece of our history back into use, to connect our future with our rich agricultural past and give us a place our neighborhood can call home.  The non-profit will give us an ability to help fund other creative projects our community dreams up.  We invite you to be involved.  Whatever your skill, there is a place for your help in these efforts.

Thank you,
The SCCO Board and Other Members

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