You Are Invited To Meet With Lane County’s Emergency Manager…

…to learn more about emergency alerts for evacuations, warnings and other incidents

Thursday, July 15, 7:00-8:00 pm. Registration is required: click here

Featured Topic: Patence Winningham-Melcher, Emergency Manager, Lane County talks all about ALERTS!  How do we get them?  When are they issued? Where do they come from?  Who decides to issue them and when?  How do state, county, and city alerts differ?

Followed by Q&A (20 minutes)

Share Your One Thing (2 minutes each) – What difference has preparedness made in your peace of mind?

Working Together – Discussion

End of Meeting with an invitation to stay and chat – open mic. 

Brought To You By

Eugene Neighborhoods’ Preparedness Network (ENPN)

ENPN Objectives: Meet, learn, and exchange views. Find out what volunteers in neighborhood preparedness teams are doing, what they need, and how we might motivate and assist others in preparing our community.


From the ENPN June Meeting:

Oregon Public Commission Preemptive Power Shut-Down Guidelines from The Oregonian/oregonlive May 20, 2021

From the ENPN May Meeting:
 “It all started with four hams and pizza”

An Introduction to the Neighborhood Radio Communications Response Guide

   Handout: –Copy of ENPN Digital Handout

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