Bystander/Upstander Training Available – Intervention without Escalation – FREE

SCCO Social Justice Committee members have taken the Bystander/Upstander Training and highly recommend it to anyone interested in developing intervention skills.

Take the 2-part workshop on August 11 & 18 – 90 minute online class – Register HERE

Learn and practice how to intervene when someone is being harassed in a hateful way-without escalating the situation. These workshops include lecture, video, demonstration, and breakout room scenarios. Experienced teachers lead this training where you will learn and practice several ways to effectively support a person who is being bullied.

Some of the skills you will learn about and practice include:

  • Being an active witness
  • How to engage with and support the targeted person
  • Ways to distract the harasser
  • How to involve others who can help
  • De-escalating the situation
  • The necessity of and strategies for “after-care”
  • Broader involvement in work for social justice

Sponsored by the Sanctuary Committee of Temple Beth Israel and the Springfield/Eugene chapter of SURJ–Showing up for Racial Justice.Please email Judy Boles at with questions or to see about future classes.

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